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Polinator Project

Douglas County West has followed suit with the need for high quality pollinator habitat.  The chapter has done multiple pollinator projects in the last ten years and will continue to seek out further opportunities to enhance upland habitats while thinking about insects.  Pollinator projects provide a diverse opportunity that combats the traditional practice of monoculture plantings.  Highly diverse local ecotype plantings with 156 plant species or more is important to the long term development of these natural area enhancements.  Pollinator plots or projects provide multi seasonal blooms to appeal many different insect species that emerge at different times during the growing season.  Diverse planting keep insects in the these areas all year providing a sustainable food chain for upland bird, mammal, reptile, and amphibian  species.  More flowers, means more insects, which means more birds in the field!  Look for future Pollinator days on our calendar and bring your kid or youth group to learn more about this important habitat enhancement activity!

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